Data Sheet

Now, with the Whaley Timer/buzzer, you can create

game timing pressure  in your  drills and coach a sense

of urgency that will get your players used to game

conditions…helps the pass game, kicking  game,

quickens line techniques.

Sound actuated  or start by Push Button

How can “Sound Actuation” help your players?

Use the timer by push button, or the timer has a circuit in it that  can hear a sound command. QB’s can work on drops by themselves, and punters can turn up the sensitivity and make the sound of the ball hitting the punter’s foot start the timer …let them know when 4 seconds has gone by. (Great for increasing awareness of hang time importance.) QB’s can work out by themselves or with a coach on their 3 step, 5 step, and hitch action.




Developed for coaches, by coaches….

The Whaley Timer is perfect for putting game timing pressure on any drill or action on the field while you watch the action and technique.

Here’s just a few drills and practice uses for this terrific coaching aid:

Team Starts 1.3 Seconds (10 yard explosion get off drill) Really promotes getting off the ball quickly and together.(See website video clip for team starts)

PAT’s and Field Goals From snap to kick…..1.2 Seconds ( if you get your place kicks off in this time, you will virtually insure that  you won’t have any kicks blocked during the season

7 on 7 and QB Drops Really helps promote quickness and a sense of urgency in your Quarterbacks. Some suggested drop times are  3 step 1.3 Sec.,

5 step 1.7, 7 step 2.4 Sec. You can vary the times as needed for each pattern during the 7 on 7 drill to put game timing pressure on the Quarterback. Many NFL coaches never give the QB more than 2.9 seconds in their 7 on 7 drills.(Many give a lot less time depending on the pattern)  If the buzzer sounds, it’s a sack!

Quick Hitch You can encourage a quarterback to throw a quick hitch in less one second! (one step- release) (Time set = .9 Sec) Even if you QB can’t make that one second time, at least he will come close. The WR can go 6 back to 5 in that time…makes the hitch nearly unstoppable vs. zone. (See website video)

Punters/Punter Hang Times Most teams use 1.9 Sec. to get off a punt from snap to ball off the foot.(14 yds. back) You can use 3.5 Sec. To 4.5 Sec. for punter hang time settings (depending on your punter)

Pulling/trapping lineman (minimum 3 yds and hit dummy)  You can really coach quick trap block and pulling techniques with your guards and tackles by setting the timer on .7 sec and see if each lineman can beat the buzzer (you may have to adjust the time to your particular situation) This drill injects a new sense of awareness for your linemen as to how quick they have to be to get the job done. Injects incredible intensity into any line drill. (See website video)

The above are just a few of many, many ideas

that you can use to “light a fire” under your players… For more ideas see the articles listed below on our sound actuated timer

The Whaley Timer can really help prevent blocked punts, PAT’s, and field goals. Wipes out or helps cut down on  QB sacks. Injects a sense of urgency into any drill on the field.

Use in basketball, track, and baseball too!

When coach Whaley  developed the  original Sound Actuated timer, the unit was perfected with the help of the NFL Rams

The Whaley Timer’s price of $375 + S&H is actually less than many video cameras!

The Whaley Timer is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for 6 months from date of purchase.

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