Sound Actuated Timer

The Whaley CT 100 Sound Actuated Coaching Timer-buzzer

The Perfect Up-Tempo and Quickness Teaching Tool

Listen to how undefeated  ’06, ’07, & ’08 State Champion Coach Richard Taylor

From 5A AZ Centennial High School Uses the Whaley Coaching Timer


The Whaley Timer starts by push button or by voice command


It just takes a few seconds to set the Whaley Timer to the desired time. Players in practice like to compete with the Buzzer, and end up going 100%. The uses for our timer are only limited by your imagination.


We as coaches, spend so much of our time coaching  technique, that oftentimes  optimum timing doesn’t get emphasized. The buzzer lets both you and the players know they have performed within the given time frame.


Use the Whaley TImer to teach critical timing in your pass game. Compliments the R-4 QB Training System.



You can also start the unit by a sharp sound command (hut or go).

Use the Whaley Timer by push button, or the timer has a circuit in it that can hear a sound command. QB’s can work out with it by themselves, and punters can turn up the sensitivity and work out with the timer to let them know when 3.5 or 4.5 seconds  for hang time has gone by…


The timer cuts down on timing mistakes made in the pass game, & kicking game….the Whaley Timer-buzzer gets the point across like nothing else can.

Here’s just a few of the many  drills & uses with suggested timer settings:

Team Starts 1.3 Seconds (10 yard explosion  drill) Really promotes game winning quickness and getting off the ball together. This 5 min. drill really serves to get your player’s blood going after stretches and agilities…players can look down as they cross the 10 yd. line to see if they have made it.  Because of the “sound strobe” effect of the buzzer, you can see were everyone is when the buzzer sounds.


Wing T Blocking Drills that optimize timing using our Coaching Timer

09  State Runner up  AZ Mesa HS Coach  Kelly Moore


PAT’s & Field Goals From snap to kick……..1.2 Seconds. (if you get your place kicks off in this time, you will lower the likelihood  of having any kicks blocked during the season….the kicks get away so quickly, that it’s difficult for the defense to get to  it barring a complete breakdown in blocking

QB Drops & 7 on 7 (3 sec.) Really helps promote quickness and a sense of urgency in your Quarterbacks. Some suggested drop times with set up and release are: 3 Step 1.3 sec, 5 Step 1.7 sec, shotgun add .4 sec.

Nothing does a better job than the timer does to encourage QB quickness and poise under pressure.

Quick Hitch You can encourage a quarterback to throw a quick hitch in less than one second…into the WR’s hands! (One step- release) (Time set is .9 sec) Even if your QB can’t make that one second time, at least he will come close. The WR can go 6, back to 5 in that time…..makes the hitch very hard to defend vs. zone. (The read is the outside contain man to verify that he has cleared…then the corner)…

Punters/Punter Hang Time Most teams use 1.9 sec to get off a punt from snap to ball off the foot….14 yds back. You can use 3.5 to 4.5 sec for hang time setting (depending on your punter and what level you coach)

Quick Trap Drill or Guard/Tackle Pull  (Distance usually 3-6 horizontal yds and hit dummys) Time set should be .7 to .4 sec. If you are trying to simulate having  linemen pull on a sweep, adjust the time as needed after moving the dummy and using a stop watch to determine the optimum time. Notice how when the RB is inserted into the drill, he must really hustle to get up into the hole. You must set up this drill to go a specific distance each time…..really promotes fierce competition.

(Click below to see video….really interesting)



Conditioning/50’s, dot drills, etc.When running 40’s, it is best to give your players both a base time that everyone has to beat, and give them  a specific number of reps where everyone has to make it or that rep does not count. You can achieve a terrific conditioning effort level using the timer this way.


Pass Pro drills, both offensive, and defensive. Gives your players a better idea of just how long they have to hold their blocks (Off.) or time getting to the QB (Def.)


Note: There are many more uses for the timer… are only limited by your imagination.

Whaley Coaching Timer

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Coach Whaley with the ’07 National H.S. total passing yardage leader from AZ  Desert Ridge H S

The Whaley Timer is in a rugged aluminum enclosure and is built to last many years with good care. To recharge the unit, just plug it in when you come in from practice….

(just like charging a cell phone)


You can set a specific time on the timer in seconds……it’s easy to understand and use.

our address is:

Whaley Coaching Systems LLC   437 E. Germann Rd. Unit 136

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Pro Teams using our timer……Green Bay, Chicago, St. Louis, NYJ, Carolina Panthers

College teams…. BYU, SD State Univ., Miami, Akron, Alcorn State, Laurance Univ., Chadron State, Adams State. etc.etc. 

When he was coaching at UCLA, this is what Coach Dick Vermeil had to say about using our timer..

“Last year was the first that I used it as a timing device. I liked it because it eliminated the necessity of always having a stopwatch on the QB. I could thus concentrate on technique. It also stimulated the QB’s competitiveness.

Next year I plan to let the No. 1 QB take it home with him during the summer. Since it operates automatically, he’ll be able to work on his throwing rhythm by himself. I set it on three seconds during pass offense work, which lets the QB know he’s held the ball too long. It has definitely helped me sell the importance of quickness and timing.”

(Reprinted from ’70 Coach And Athletic Director magazine)