Demo Videos

Football Trap Drill Using Coaching Timer-buzzer

Offensive line trap drill with Whaley football drill timer – buzzer set to .07 seconds teaches the players to explode off the line and make the trap happen quickly. Skyline H.S. Head Coach Pete Jonovich changes the time set to .4 Sec. for greater speed near the end of the drill. Watch the intensity level go up and up. (1.5 min)

Football Team Starts Explosion Drill With Timer-buzzer

Arizona 3 X State Champion high school football Coach Jim Beall discusses the  value of  the Whaley Football Coaching timer.  Then you’ll see his players running the Explosion Drill (1.3 Sec.) with the Whaley Coaching Timer. ( 2 min. video).


5 minute Wing T  video includes  trap, buck sweep, etc. using Whaley Timer


Wrestling Drills using a Whaley Coaching Timer